We’re a financial planning company that uses a range of techniques from behavioral finance, number crunching, and storytelling to help individuals overcome the financial barriers they face and provide the vision they've always desired. 

So, what does working with us actually look like?

The first two meetings are free. Yes, free. We value the relationships we have with our clients and want to be sure we’re both a good fit for one another.

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Getting to Know Each Other

Our First Conversation

  • You learn about us and we learn about you (and any other individuals you want to include in your financial plan)

  • Explore what led you to reach out and how can we best help you

  • We explain our financial planning process 

  • We answer any questions you have

Following our first meeting, we send you a Financial Planning Document Checklist.  From there, you upload the appropriate financial documents to your secure OLIO portal.


How Can We Help?

Our Second Conversation

  • We review your financial snapshot (a broad overview of your entire financial life highlighting what you've done well and some areas of improvement)

  • Present our fee for your financial plan

  • We answer any questions you have

If you like what you see (and we hope you will), we’ll send you a Client Engagement Agreement and our required regulatory deliverables so you can join the OLIO family!


Becoming a Client

Let’s Get Started!

  • Review, discuss, and sign all of the paperwork needed to get you set up

  • Present how and when we’ll tackle our first-year relationship meetings

  • Discuss your expectations of us and review our expectations of you for a successful relationship

Implementing your Financial Plan

We'll schedule a series of meetings that fit your schedule to review our recommendations, educate you on your options, and help you to implement the changes.  Most clients find this process takes 12 months to review and implement a financial plan involving all six areas of financial planning (taxes, estate planning, cash management, insurance, investments, and retirement planning).



Our Ongoing Relationship

Pursue Happiness

Your financial life doesn't sit still and neither should your financial plan. Once your initial financial plan is implemented, you’ll have periodic review meetings. Additionally, you’ll have access to your team throughout the year to answer any questions as they arise.  We're available by phone and email as well as through in-person and video conferencing appointments. 

Still curious? Check out our FAQ page.