Spencer Werres

I was in middle school when I became interested in the stock market and how it worked. At that time Amazon stock was around $120.00 a share. I had the money to buy a share or two from working odd jobs, but I wasn’t old enough to open a brokerage account. Since those days, I have continued to follow the ups-and-downs of the stock market, but my real interest lies in understanding the broader scope of money and how it influences our everyday lives.  It’s that perspective that brought me to personal finance. 

As part of the OLIO residency program I am excited about working with numbers and spreadsheets and getting to know the clients. I have learned first-hand the importance of relationships and customer service working in my dad’s convenience store located in North Garden, Virginia. During the summers of my teenage years, I was tasked with the responsibility of  opening the store at 6:00 am. Getting to know the “regulars”, especially a group of five, older, retired men who came to the store every morning to chat over a cup of coffee has taught me the value of building relationships and how important it is to listen. 

Growing up in a rural area, I have spent a fair amount of time working in hay fields and on a neighbor’s horse farm. Those days included mowing, trimming weeds, mending fences, baling hay and then throwing it up on a flatbed.  It was hard work, but it made for a good night’s rest.  

When I am not at the office working, I enjoy spending time with my dog Bella, a purebred Vizsla. She is a great running companion and can be very entertaining when she gets excited and jumps around in the air. I also love being outdoors, hiking, four-wheeling, fishing, and hunting.