Robin Hoback

Growing up, I was encouraged to be a teacher. Maybe it was the computer instruction manual I wrote for my family when I was 10 or the user guide I created for all of the remote controls. I may not have followed the traditional path of a school teacher, but over and over again the opportunity to share my knowledge in a formal way, guide employees through the learning process, and provide the overall structure for organization and learning have taken shape throughout my working life. Some of these unexpected opportunities include teaching computer skills to new employees in a manufacturing environment, writing an operations manual for a department at an investment firm, and overseeing day-to-day operations for a financial planning firm. All of these experiences serve to help me streamline business systems and capitalize on efficiencies.

Growing up in Moundsville, West Virginia, I took a big leap deciding to go to college in Texas. I landed my first job in the financial services industry in Dallas, Texas at Fidelity Investments where I worked in the transfer of assets department. I have always had an affection for the East Coast and after seven years in the Lone Star State, I packed up and moved to Christiansburg, Virginia to live close to my sister. Once I got to Virginia, I took a job in Roanoke working for a bank, but after six months of commuting, I decided to look for a job in the New River Valley. Happily, not only did I find an open position at JSW Financial, but a JSW co-worker introduced me to my future husband, Aaron.

It was also at JSW that I met Andrew Miller, who is now the founder and CEO of OLIO Financial Planning. At the time, I was his direct supervisor. Andrew worked at JSW while attending Virginia Tech and when he graduated, he went to the DC area. Before he left, he asked me, “Someday when I have a financial planning company, can we work together again?” We will come back to that in a minute. I continued to work for JSW for nine years and in 2015, I took a step back to working only a few hours a week to spend more time focusing on my growing family. Aaron and I have three young boys who keep us busy.  

Now back to Andrew Miller. Obviously, he remembered our conversation and called me. Of course, I said yes to full-time work at OLIO! As the Dean of Design and Quality Assurance, I keep my brain busy with creative projects including instructional videos, financial planning guides, and other client resources. I also work with our client success team to continually improve our client experience. I am happiest in my work when I am executing design ideas, problem solving or bringing something to life.

As you probably can imagine, the Hoback household is pretty lively. Music is a big part of my life and I love sharing that with the boys. They all enjoy singing, especially when they can incorporate some entertaining dance moves. When I have free-time, I like taking photos of children, attending a good comedy show and working with furniture, either refinishing it or building new pieces.