Who Needs a Financial Planner?


That’s easy – almost everyone!

Financial planning covers all areas of a person’s financial life or in simpler terms, “all things money.” Financial planning is not just for the wealthy or people thinking about retiring.  We believe everyone can benefit from financial planning, which encompasses a much broader view of your money. The six core areas of financial planning are cash management, retirement planning, insurance, taxes, estate planning, and investments. Each of these areas when given equal attention provides the foundation for creating financial well-being.

Life happens and many times, people find themselves in new financial situations needing guidance in determining the best solution for them. Some of the situations we have recently experienced include:

  • A recent college graduate who received a lump sum settlement and needed assistance with both investing the money and establishing good financial habits.
  • Two people going through a collaborative divorce who wanted help determining which assets each should receive and how it would impact their new separate lives.
  • A married professional couple who found their dream home, received news they were having a baby, and a new job opportunity appeared, all within a two-month timeframe. Talk about prioritizing your financial life!
  • A business owner who wanted to understand the legal, tax and personal ramifications of selling her company.

Every situation varies and each person has a different perspective.  We make it a priority to identify the significance of what money means to you. Taking a collaborative approach, we develop a plan that is supportive and empowering to help you live well. When you succeed, so do we.