Welcome to OLIO Academy


We'll be bringing you information that should expand your financial knowledge, keep you updated on recent financial developments, and inspire you to achieve a healthy, financial life.

OLIO Academy is a mix of video, whitepapers, feature articles, and motivational moments. This variety is intended to keep you engaged and coming back for more. It is our hope that you will find the information entertaining and thought-provoking.

Topics include a closer look at the six core areas of financial planning and how they impact your financial life. We take a broad view of the financial planning scope and emphasize the importance of each area. We believe your financial health encompasses “everything money.”

OLIO has five CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals on staff who are committed to the success of our clients and their future. As a team, we work to provide clear guidance for your entire financial life to help you live well.

Everything we do for our clients at OLIO revolves around our core values. Our commitment to those core values is at the forefront of each relationship we develop with the people who put their trust in us. Our core values center around the following principles:

  • Every interaction with our clients and their money will be executed with INTEGRITY. We believe TRUST is the foundation for a successful relationship.
  • Every day we approach our work with an emphasis on EXCELLENCE. We strive to bring our best to each client interaction and the strategic plans we develop for our clients.
  • We RESPECT our clients and we respect their money.
  • We love asking questions and finding solutions. Our CURIOSITY is at the heart of the story.
  • We begin each client relationship with the intention that it will last a lifetime. A lifetime holds many ups and downs and it is with COMPASSION that we will be there during the difficult times.

At OLIO Financial Planning, our tagline is “Pursue happiness. We’ll take care of the rest.” We love this tagline because we want to take the worry out of your financial planning. We value our client relationships and we want to be a partner in your financial wellbeing.

Enjoy OLIO Academy and we’ll keep the information coming!