Amanda Ansell, CFP®, EA

One of my greatest joys in life is helping people. It’s that satisfaction that drives my work in financial planning. When I was in college at Virginia Tech, I took introductory class after introductory class in all kinds of degrees trying to pinpoint the one area where I could combine my love of numbers with my desire to make a difference in people’s lives. It took me a while, but I ultimately decided on financial planning and I have not looked back.

I am fascinated by, “What’s behind the numbers?” Money touches every piece of our lives and everyone’s reaction to money is different. Some feel empowered, while others find money stressful and struggle with it. I want clients to use their money to have the life they want. It doesn’t matter the dollar amount, it’s the challenge of helping clients put the framing around the money piece that I really enjoy.

My interest in a client-centric approach to financial planning developed as I worked to complete a four-year residency program at a boutique firm in Minneapolis following graduation. This experience provided a holistic view of financial planning and emphasized the importance of building strong relationships with the clients you serve and the benefits of a life planning approach.

I believe the relationship skills I bring to financial planning actually began with my cheerleading career during high school and college at Virginia Tech. You have to develop trust and communication skills in this arena to be successful as a team. I did double duty in high school cheering for both my high school squad and an all-star, regional competition cheerleading team of 35 girls. My senior year, the all-star team placed second in the World Championship Cheerleading Competition. After high school, it seemed natural that I would try-out to be a Virginia Tech cheerleader. I made the varsity squad my Freshman year and served on the team all five of the years I attended VT. The training and practicing commitment was intensive, which it also helped me appreciate and develop a strong work ethic.

Surprisingly enough, throughout all of this time I dated and ultimately married my high school sweetheart, Andrew. In our leisure time, we enjoy cooking. One evening a couple of years ago, I wanted to surprise Andrew with his favorite dish, chicken parmesan. I was so pleased how perfectly it was cooking in the oven, but when I took it out, something happened and my beautiful chicken parmesan turned upside down on the kitchen floor. I’m sure we will continue to laugh about this for many years to come.

We are excited to be back in Blacksburg and look forward to getting to know the area all over again.